Hello Friends!

Hello Friends! OK, first of all, let me tell you something. I am on a quest. Not just any quest, but one that I will have to work long and hard at. I am looking for the vikings. Not the football team, they mean nothing to me, but real vikings. I have always found them awesome and swell, and my friend FlapJack is going to help me. There are so many fascinating facts about them. they had awesome looking boats and were very tough. People tried to put them in jail, but the couldn’t. They are brave. I am sure that there is at least ONE left. I mean, there could be a cave man who has no idea that the future is here and is probably still living how they have always been living. Well, if all of a sudden the future changed on you, and you wern’t caught up on it yet, and had no idea that things were different, you would probably just continue living the way you have always live. I’m sure that it goes the same for the vikings. There has to be at least one left. Now, I have told you everything and I will keep you updated! Please tell me whether you accept and approve and will hel me along my journey, or if you think that this is totally lame and pointless. I will put up a poll or you can comment! Thanks and the vikings will be beck! I sent a letter. I wrote To Vikings without a return address so it has to go at ┬áleast somewhere because they can’t send it back to me!

-Pink icey186